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SOR-DREW S.A. is a multi-trade enterprise, pursuing both production and service activity.

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Mission and values

Our products, services, as well as the quality of offered cooperation, are supposed to guarantee the feeling of safety and to be the largest value for our present and future clients. We count on continuous improvement and development of processes and pursued activity. We strive for ensuring stable work places. We wish to develop our company basing on honest and long-term relations with contractors and employees. We think long-term and for this reason, we prepare ourselves today for the challenges of the future. However, we remember about our roots, so we always introduce ourselves as a family business.


The company SOR-DREW S.A. was established in 1992 on post-industrial areas, whose history is strongly connected with industrialization of this region. Over the period of more than 20 years of operation the company has been developing continuously. At first, we were only involved in production of packaging elements. Over the next years deliveries were started of complete packaging, and at the end of the previous century we developed production of plastic and metal products, which were used at first for protection of goods for transport. At present, SOR-DREW S.A. is a modern company producing numerous technologically advanced products from wood and wood derivative materials, metals and plastics.

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