Coronavirus - safety rules

In these difficult times, the entire management and employees of the SOR-DREW Group are responsibly adapting to the situation.

All of our branches work without disturbances, carrying out orders for our contractors on time.

We have introduced strict rules in all our units, ensuring safety for our clients and workers. Employees, whose physical presence is not required, are working remotely following #stayathome rule. 

Other rules:

- On the SOR-DREW premises, all restrictions and guidelines introduced by central offices as required by Polish law must be strictly followed and all restrictions published by the relevant ministries and state institutions must be applied to workplaces.

- It is forbidden for the visitors and drivers of third-party companies to enter the plant without notifying the person who is an employee of the plant to whom the external person is directed.

- Drivers, suppliers, couriers and other parties providing deliveries may leave the vehicle cabin only with the permission of a SOR-DREW employee. In addition, we require that every person must wear a protective face mask and gloves.

- Upon request of a SOR-DREW employee, any person wishing to enter the factory should voluntarily undergo a body temperature test, otherwise he or she may not be allowed on the premises.

- Any issues that do not require direct contact should be handled by telephone, e-mail or ICT systems.

- The number of visits, including study visits or moving round the premises should be limited to a minimum, and any face-to-face meetings presenting commercial offers or new products and services are prohibited until further notice.

- The time spent by visitors and drivers of outside companies in the factory premises and the time of direct contact should be reduced to the necessary minimum.

- In case of any doubts as to whether any third party could pose a potential danger, you should immediately stop contacting and inform your line manager.

- Remember to keep cough hygiene rules in mind by covering your mouth and nose with an elbow pit or a tissue; and wash your hands as often as possible according to sanitary instructions, using the disinfectants that are available in the lavatories.

- On the premises, meals can only be eaten in designated areas with due hygiene. Please note that all visitors authorized to enter our facilities must have and use a protective face mask covering their mouth and nose.

More detailed and current instructions and information about preventive measures implemented in SOR-DREW S.A. are available for everyone at the entrance gates to the facilities. In case of any doubts or identified threats, we oblige everyone to contact and effectively provide information to the managers of particular units in our company.   

We wish everyone to stay healthy!


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