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The company SOR-DREW S.A. has a highly specialist stock of machines, allowing for production of precise elements by means of equipment, in which traditional CNC turning and milling processes are implemented in one machine tool. The fact, that it is not necessary to use an additional machine, eliminates errors connected with reconstruction and re-attachment of a detail.

On the stage of designing and implementation of technological processes we use engineering software of CAD/CAM type, allowing for quick response to changing needs and expectations of even most demanding clients. All the machines are equipped with measuring probes, used (if needed) to measurement of the detail made.

Our personnel has large experience in the field of operation of machine tools.

We form a well-integrated team, in which every person fulfilling its obligations is guided with the principle that ‘quality must be worked out - not inspected’. This philosophy of work allowed us to implement and improve the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008.

Production capacities:

  • CNC turning: Machined with numerical control, with powered tools and controlled axis C –maximal overall dimensions of machined detail: Ø350, L=900 mm, weight: 250 kg
  • CNC milling: Vertical machining centers controlled in 3 axes. Maximal overall dimensions of machined detail: 1300x635x635 (X,Y,Z), weight: 600 kg
  • Multiaxis machining: multi-task center with integrated turning, milling and simultaneous machining processes in five axes:
    • Maximal detail machined in 3 axes (X, Y, Z) – 2000x820x630 [mm]
    • Maximal detail machined in 4 axes (B, X, Y, Z) – 1200x820x630 [mm]
    • Maximal detail machined in 5 axes in the system (B,C,X,Y,Z – turntable) – 800x800x600 [mm], weight: 600 kg
    • Maximal detail machined in 5 axes in the system (A,B,X,Y,Z – dividing head) – Ø250 mm, L=800 mm, weight: 100 kg
    • Maximal detail machined in a carousel system – Ø800 mm, L=300 mm, weight 600 kg

The stock of machines is supplemented with conventional machine tools, thanks to which we offer individual production and produce details, in accordance with the technological process indicated by the client.

Production capacities:

Turning - Ø400 mm, L=1500 mm, weight: 500 kg

Milling - 1000x400x600 [mm] (X, Y, Z), weight: 300 kg

Surface grinding - 200x600 [mm]

Threading (threading machines) - maximal thread size M30, length of thread L=1500 mm


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