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We‭ ‬are involved in production of precise welded structures from steel,‭ ‬and also‭ (‬to a certain extent‭) ‬from aluminum and its alloys.‭ ‬Our recipients‭ ‬are clients connected not only with power,‭ ‬machine-building,‭ ‬railway or building industry,‭ ‬but also those from many other sectors.‭ Additional equipment of the structural department are pillar drills and multi-radial drilling machines.

Our personnel includes qualified welders,‭ ‬professional engineering supervisors,‭ ‬quality engineers authorized to quality inspection of welded joints VT2‭ ‬and MT2.‭ The plant is in possession of the following certificates:‭ ‬EN‭ ‬1090‭; ‬EN‭ ‬15085-2‭ ‬CL2‭; ‬DIN EN ISO‭ ‬3834-2‭ ‬and‭ EN ISO‭ ‬9001:2008.

We offer cooperation on the level of designing elements and technological optimizing of products.‭ ‬In order to satisfy your needs,‭ ‬our structural department is equipped with machines for‭ ‬metal sheet working.

  • Plasma and gas cutting‭ –‬ CNC cutting machine‭ ‬AJAN SHP260‭
  • Working space:‭ ‬4000x2000‭ [‬mm‭]
  • Gas cutting:‭ ‬to the thickness of‭ ‬150‭ ‬mm‭ – ‬black steel
  • Plasma cutting:‭ ‬from the thickness of‭ ‬3‭ ‬mm to‭ ‬40‭ ‬mm‭ – ‬black steel
  • Plasma cutting of aluminum:‭ ‬to the thickness of‭ ‬50‭ ‬mm

For metal sheet cutting we use the‭ ‬advanced application that supports and optimizes cutting process,‭ ‬in order to obtain maximal material yield. In case of non-standard products it is also possible to carry out‭ ‬plasma cutting in steel sections of various types.‭

  • Sheet‭ ‬metal‭ ‬bending‭ – ‬CNC bending brake‭ ‬ERMAKSAN SPEEDBEND‭ ‬3100-320‭
  • Maximal‭ ‬bending‭ ‬length:‭ ‬3100‭ ‬mm
  • Maximal pressure:‭ ‬320T

We offer the following surface covering for produced elements:

  • hot galvanizing ISO‭ ‬1461
  • electrolytic zinc coating ISO2081
  • spray painting
  • powder coating
  • galvanic silver plating,‭ ‬according to the client’s specification
  • copper plating
  • anodizing
  • oxidizing


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