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The company SOR-DREW S.A. pursues comprehensive activity in the field of packing goods and industrial products. In our offer we have such services, as: packing, protection of cargo, containerization, stowage, relocation. The company implements one-off and cyclic projects (outsourcing of packing process).

Services are carried out, maintaining the highest standards, and following the client’s wish, our experts can prepare documentation of packing process. Service conforms to the European standards (German, French, Italian, etc.).

In case of oversize goods, we design packaging with elements of steel structures, and in packing process we are assisted by specialist equipment, such as: forklift trucks, hoisting cranes, overhead cranes. In addition, packaging can have the systems to reduce vibrations (vibroisolation), all kinds of indicators (of tilt, humidity, shock and other), corrosion inhibitors, anti-corrosive capsules and moisture absorbers.

For packing process we use packaging from wood, plywood, OSB, packages and boxes from fiberboard, as well as cardboard elements. Any kind of wood derivative material can be applied, as well as all sorts of foil (aluminum foil, VCI foil, stretch film), and many other elements used for protection of goods.

Packing services can be rendered near the production line, assembly room, at the store, port, railway siding or at the airport.

Our services include:

  • packing of machines
  • packing of appliances
  • export packing
  • packing on the area of the client’s plant
  • packing in indicated place
  • packing on the area of our store
  • confectioning and dispatch
  • containerization
  • cargo stowage


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