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In the sawmill of SOR-DREW S.A. we are involved in processing of logs to sawn timber and we sell structural wood.

We offer you raw materials of soft species (pine, spruce, larch, Douglas fir and others) and, on special order, of hard species (oak, beech). In case of standing orders, we offer preservation of wood elements by soaking.

We produce edged and unedged timber (in a length from 1,2m to 8m), as well as joinery, pallet timber and other untypical products. We produce the elements of roof trusswork with a length up to 8m, staged by 50 cm.

We sell to building depots, wood depots and we supply woodworking shops.

Our basic assortment covers:

  • board: 20[mm]; 22[mm]; 25[mm]; 32[mm]; 40[mm]; 50[mm];
  • shuttering board
  • balks: 50x150 - 300; 50x200; bal 80[mm];
  • battens: 40x60; 50x60; 50x80; 60x60; 60x80; 80x80; 80x100; 60x100[mm]
  • square-sawn timber: 100x100; 100x120; 120x140; 140x160[mm] or according to order

Following the client’s wish, we can also produce in non-standard dimensions.

We use wood from Polish forests, which is confirmed by the certificate PEFC CoC that guarantees legal origin of used material.


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