Products packaging Comprehensive packing services

Regardless of how far your goods have to be transported and what kind of protective measures they require, we will provide you with a comprehensive packaging and load securing service.

one-time and regular projects

one-time and regular projects

for inland and foreign transport

for inland and foreign transport

cargo containerization service

cargo containerization service

HPE and SEI4 standards

HPE and SEI4 standards

100% product safety

100% product safety

Packaging services

We provide a wide range of possibilities

We work near the customer's production line, assembly plant, in the warehouse, port, on a railway siding or at the airport. We can also pack your products in our factory. We will take care of cyclical or one-time packaging of your products. We can easily carry out the export packing of machines and equipment.

We guarantee safety of your products

We pack in wooden crates, plywood crates or various types of wrapping. We use a variety of transport protections: steel construction elements, vibration reduction systems; tilt, humidity, shock and other indicators, corrosion inhibitors, anti-corrosion capsules and moisture absorbers.

For mechanical protection of goods and the packaging itself, we also use foam, rubber and tekpol mats.

We handle non-standard orders

We have constructed, amongst other things, 20-metre-long crates for a client who had to deal with the delivery of the busbar from Berlin to Australia. What about the slightly lower temperatures and longer journey? No worries, we equipped the crates with heating panels to reduce the drop of temperature in cabinets with electronics sent e.g. to Russia.

Action plan



We analyse the client's requirements and create a packaging design in the construction office.


tests and production

We carry out tests of the prototypes, then after the positive result, we implement the process of packaging production.



We pack goods on our premises or in a place designated by your company.


additional options

If required, we will also provide containerisation, transport to the pick-up point and support during cargo clearance.

Not only will we pack your products, but also produce the packaging!

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Anita Sorowska-Ścierska
Member of SOR-DREW Management Board

We take care of packaging for the client

The Woodbox brand, belonging to the SOR-DREW Group, specializes in the production of high quality wooden industrial packaging. Comprehensive product packing service is a natural extension of our offer.

It is a very responsible task. Many of our clients expect us not only to secure their products, but also to take care of the overall logistics regarding transport arrangements. We are perfectly prepared for this.

Beginning with the design of the perfect packaging, through the manufacturing, ending with the products packing and their containerization.

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